The Voyage of the Miscreation Episode 1: Now Available!

The first episode of The Voyage of the Miscreation, “The Voyage Begins,” starts a new series of epic fantasy romance novellas. Now available on most major retailers.

Captain Mynta and her motley crew of monster hunters have fallen on hard times. To save her ship, she’s agreed to escort Mage Ameyron and his team of researchers to capture some of Seirenia’s deadliest monsters. To succeed, they’ll have to work together—but everyone on board has something to hide, and one has a secret that could doom them all.

In episode one, “The Voyage Begins,” Captain Mynta welcomes the researcher mage on board her ship—only to find out that her newest client is more than she bargained for. Ameyron wants to get closer to his subjects than even a seasoned monster hunter would dare. Tensions rise between crew and passengers who question the captain’s leadership. But when a dangerous sea serpent lurks beneath the ocean waves, Mynta must discover which one of them is also a traitor before time runs out.

A character-driven epic fantasy adventure romance with an ensemble cast, including:

  • Mynta, the witty captain
  • Ameyron, the scatter-brained mage
  • Rei, the stoic first mate
  • Aristia, the mage’s precocious young apprentice
  • Yuri, the one-legged ship’s pilot
  • Nikeiphoros, the strong, silent quartermaster
  • Benu, the friendly priest
  • Eirenaios, the grumpy physician
  • Leina, the sunny ship’s cook
  • Genara, the elegant musician

Love knows no limits in the close quarters of Miscreation. These stories include both gay and straight relationships, and gender-nonconforming characters.

Look for a new episode of adventure and romance on the high seas every month in this epic fantasy series.


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