Wyld Magic in a Flash: Five Short Tales

flash-cover-smFive Short Tales of Wyld Magic

Chimaera, harpies, mermaids, pirates, and mercenaries who ride the mysterious marewings—the world of Wyld Magic is filled with monsters and other dangers. Five young men and women fight for their lives in these five flash stories of only 500 words each:
In “Black Flag”, Mkumba fights magic-wielding pirates on the high seas.
In “Fishing Net”, Orivan catches a mermaid during a fishing trip.
In “The Knife”, Herokha’s skills as a spy are tested by a mercenary warlord.
In “Shield”, Itychia and her marewing face off against an acid-spitting harpy.
In “The Last Coin”, Korinna’s farm is attacked by a chimaera.

Fans of A Flight of Marewings will get a glimpse into the past of these characters from the novel, and new readers will learn about Wyld Magic in this short introduction to the series.

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