Tales of Wyld Magic

Shorter stories set in Seirenia, the world of Wyld Magic.

together-cover-xsmTogether We Will Fly“, Now available: store, Kindle, Kobo, NookSmashwordsiBooks
Two brothers, Galenos and Varranor, struggle with racial prejudice after the death of their father. Then Varranor hears a rumor that there are wild marewings nearby, just waiting to be captured and tamed. Will they risk everything to chase after monsters in hopes of money and glory, or will they play it safe when the cards are stacked against them? An introduction to the world of Wyld Magic and a prequel to the first novel.

hedgewitch-cover-xsmThe Hedge Witch“, now available: storeKindleKoboNookSmashwords
When Meyra’s abusive husband walked out on her, leaving behind their failing farm and a pile of gambling debts, she thought her life was over. But after becoming a trusted hedge witch in another village, she found that Iason’s absence was a blessing in disguise. Until the night that he returned to claim her again. Now Meyra must fight for her life against the man who was her first love and her worst nightmare. An exploration of the role of women and magic in everyday life.

flash-cover-xsmWyld Magic in a Flash: Five Short Tales“, Now available: storeKindleBarnes and NobleKoboSmashwords
Chimaera, harpies, mermaids, pirates, and the mysterious marewings—the world of Wyld Magic is filled with monsters and other dangers. Five young men and women must fight to save their lives and find their place. Each “flash” story is only 500 words. A prequel to the novel, A Flight of Marewings.