Crystalbell bug

crystalbell_bugInfect humans as a parasite in their ear canal. Causes choreomania: a madness where host humans dance repeatedly, often to injury or death. In later stages, the infected host will refuse sustenance. Characterized by the sound of a bell ringing a random, dissonant tune in the ear.

Found in the caves near Petropouli. The crystalline (prismatic) structure of the bug is difficult to see by the naked eye because it refracts natural light, but foxfire causes them to glow like a star.

Need a special mineral called isopherenite to reproduce. It’s a compound that forms some of the crystals in our local caves, and it’s only formed under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. They feed on it for nutrients necessary for the production of their eggs. Their entire lifecycle is only four months long.

Assassins like them because their need for the mineral keeps them from spreading. A good assassin only needs one to target their victim. They are also virtually undetectable unless you know what you are looking for.

Their natural predator is the dragonling. The dragonling hunts them by emitting a cry which causes the crystalbell bug to vibrate at a high-pitched frequency.