Wyld Magic in a Flash

Chimaera, harpies, mermaids, pirates, and the mysterious marewings—the world of Wyld Magic is filled with monsters and other dangers. Five young men and women must fight to save their lives and find their place. Each “flash” story is only 500 words. A prequel to the novel, A Flight of Marewings.

A Flight of Marewings

The duke’s illegitimate daughter Korinna must tame a monstrous marewing to fight the evil Council that murdered her father for control of the city of Kyratia. Wyld magic, political intrigue, the threat of war, and rival religious factions will all try to stand in her way.

“The Hedge Witch”

In this short story, Meyra is a successful hedge witch living alone. But when her abusive husband returns after years of separation, she finds herself in a desperate fight for her life.